Pharmaceutical Latin: Caulis Perillae
Common English: Perilla Stem
Herbs that Regulate Qi
Taste Temperature Entering Meridians Dosage
Slightly Warm
Do not cook long
Tincture; 2-4ml
Actions Indications/Syndromes

Promotes the flow of Qi, harmonizes the Middle Jiao, expands the chest and benefits the diaphragm

Qi Stagnation in the chest and abdomen with focal distention or a stifling sensation that may lead to hypochondriac distention and pain


Calms the fetus (anti-abortion), and stops nausea and vomiting

Morning sickness

Restless fetus
  • Be careful with long term use.

Rz. Cyperi
Xiang Fu

Rx. Platycodi
Jie Geng

Rx. Angelicae Pubescentis
Du Huo
Rz. Atractylodis
Cang Zhu

Fullness, distention, and discomfort in the epigastrium and abdomen due to Liver attacking the Spleen.

Morning sickness.

Cough, wheezing or a stifling sensation in the chest and diaphragm from stagnant Lung Qi.

Focal distention of the epigastrium , loss of taste for food, nausea and reflux due to Spleen/Stomach Qi Stagnation.

Good for elderly, deficient or pregnant patients.

Leg Qi.

Sm. Arecae
Bing Lang

Leg Qi.



  1. his is an important herb for calming the fetus.
  2. This herb is well suited for weak and debilitated patients.
  3. It is not as diaphoretic as Fol. Perilla Zi Su Ye.
  4. It is good for abdominal distention and fullness.
  5. Perilla Stalks have intensely aromatic Qi.
  6. it is beneficial for people with Cold Spleen and Stomach.
  7. Zi Su Geng, Fol. Perillae Zi Su Ye and Fr. Perillae Zi Su Zi are all Qi regulating herbs, however each addresses different symptoms. Zi Su Ye is light and lifting, harmonizes the Middle, stops nausea and is used for expelling External Wind-Cold by dispersing and smoothing Lung Qi, dispersing and unblocking the muscle layer and exterior, draining Wind and transforming the pathogen. Zi Su Geng unbinds the Middle Jiao Qi and relieves obstruction in the chest and diaphragm to open and drain Internal Q, relieve clumping, stop pain, descend Qi, calm wheezing, unbind the Stomach, awaken the Spleen and treat Leg Qi. Fr. Perillae Zi Su Zi is slippery, easing and goes straight down, descending Qi, reducing Phlegm, alleviating cough and moistening the Lungs.