Treatment Protocols

"Treatment Protocols" is and always will be a work in progress.

I first began compiling this information and placing it in this format as a student and have continued to do so to this day. In the beginning , this information was intended for my personal benefit, so that I would not have to search through reams of notes and books to locate data that would assist me in treating my patients. For that reason, I made no attempt to indicate or cite my sources. My decision to put this information up on my site was quite recent. I feel that it is my obligation to make it available to practitioners in order to make their diagnostic process easier and to present treatment possibilities of which they may have no previous knowledge. I do not recommend the use of this information by non-practitioners, however I feel that it is in the interest of everyone that non-practitioners have access to it, so that they may be aware of the possibilities and complexities of the Chinese Diagnostic Process.

This data is for informational use only, it is not intended to replace or supercede the training of licensed practitioners and should definitely not be used by non-practioners. I have not tested every bit of this information, and cannot guarantee its efficacy. I can assure you however, that all of the information comes from reliable sources, since I would personally never use information from a source that I did not trust. The sources include notes, books and articles by noted practitioners and teachers.

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