Pharmaceutical Latin: Herba Andrographitis
Common English: Andrographitis
Green Chiretta
Heart-Thread Lotus Leaf
Herbs that Clear Heat: Herbs that Clear Heat and Eliminate Toxins
Entering Meridians
Large Intestine
Small Intestine
(Urinary Bladder)

Powder: 0.6-1.5g

Actions Indications/Syndromes

Clears Heat and resolves Fire toxicity (Benefits the throat)

Heat in the Lungs and throat, asthma, encephalitis B

Acute infection of the gastrointestinal tract

Chuang Yung

In its fresh form it can be applied topically for snake bite

Dries Dampness and stops diarrhea

Damp-Heat dysentery (Intestinal Damp-Heat)

Gall Bladder Heat, viral hepatitis, herpes zoster

Hot, painful urinary dysfunction, urinary tract infections

Eczema (topically)

Cools the Blood


Resolves Phlegm

Phlegm Heat with purulent sputum

  • Do not take long-term or in high dosages.
  • Contraindicated for weak patients.
  • Contraindicated for those without Fire Toxin.
  • Use with caution during pregnancy.

Per. Citri Reticulatae
Chen Pi

Hb. Houttuyniae
Yu Xing Cao
Rx. Platycodi
Jie Geng

Flos Lonicerae
Jin Yin Hua
Fr. Arctii
Niu Bang Zi
(Flos Chrysanthemi)
(Ju Hua)

Cough due to Lung Heat

Lung Abscess

Cough due to Lung Heat (bronchitis or pneumonia)

Sore throat

Early stages of a Warm-Heat pathogen with fever and a sore throat

Rz. Paridis
Chong Lou
Flos Chrysanthemi Indici
Ye Ju Hua

Hb. Portulacae
Ma Chi Xian
Flos Lonicerae
Jin Yin Hua

Rz. Polygoni Cuspidati
Hu Zhang
Rz. Imperatae
Bai Mao Gen
(Sm. Plantaginis)
(Che Qian Zi)

Topically for toxic sore and swellings and snakebite

Dysenteric disorder


Hot, painful urinary dysfunction

Flos Lonicerae
Jin Yin Hua
Flos Chrysanthemi Indici
Ye Ju Hua

Hb. Houttuyniae
Yu Xing Cao
Rx. Platycodi
Jie Geng

Fr. Trichosanthis
Gua Lou


Skin sores and carbuncles (Internally and topically)

Snake bite (Internally and topically)

Lung Heat cough and asthma with yellow sputum


  • It can be used as an inexpensive substitute for Rz. Coptidis Huang Lian.
  • Recently, it has been used to treat leptospirosis.
  • Recently this herb has become one of the most commonly used herbs to clear Heat and eliminate toxins.
  • It can reduce swellings and, applied topically as a powder, is used for eczema, scalds, burns and snakebite.
  • This herb is a broad-spectrum anti-infective with immunostimulant, antibacterial and antiviral properties.
  • It is an antipyretic with anti-inflammatory, detoxicant and antivenomous properties.
  • It is an expectorant and uterine stimulant with parturient and abortive properties and an anthelmintic.
  • It treats HIV.
  • It has an antitumor effect.
  • This herb can substitute for Rz. Coptidis Huang Lian.
  • Both Chuan Xin Lian and Rx. Scutellariae Barbatae Ban Zhi Lian clear Heat, resolve toxicity, reduce swelling and alleviate pain. Ban Zhi Lian is acrid, bitter and cold and is better at eliminating Stagnation, reducing swelling and alleviating pain. It is used for Lung, Stomach and Intestinal abscesses (including cancers) and Blood Stasis due to trauma. Chuan Xin Lian is bitter, cold and better at clearing Heat and resolving toxicity. It also cools Blood Heat, and reduces swelling and is much more bitter than Ban Zhi Lian. this is one of the most frequently used anti-cancer herbs.
  • Both Chuan Xin Lian and Rz. Paridis Chong Lou clear heat and Toxins and are indicated for all Toxic Heat patterns. Chuan Xin Lian treats various infections, particularly of the Intestinal and respiratory tracts. Chong Lou treats poisonous snake bites and cancer. It clears Heat and stops convulsions and is used for infantile convulsions or any seizure disorder due to high fever.