Pharmaceutical Latin: Concha Mauritiae/Cypraeae
Concha Mauritiae Arabicae
Common English: Cowry Shell
Arabic Cowry Shell
Substances that Calm the Shen
Taste Temperature Entering Meridians Dosage
Smash and decoct first. Refine with water for eye drop application.
Actions Indications/Syndromes

Calms the Liver, anchors Yang and sedates fright (calms the Shen) and Calms convulsions.

Liver Yang Rising or Deranged Heart Yang with dizziness, vertigo, palpitations and insomnia

Mania due to fevers

Clears the Liver, cools Heat and brightens the eyes

Red, swollen eyes with superficial visual obstruction, macula in children, cataracts, nebulae

Toxic heat, purulent Blood, dysentery

Promotes diuresis

Edema, leg Qi, hematuria, urinary retention

  • Use caution for those with weak digestion.

Concha Haliotidis
Jue Ming Zi
Concha Ostreae
Mu Li
Ci Shi

Ram. cum Uncis Uncariae
Gou Teng
Gypsum Fibrosum
Shi Gao

Cornu Saigae Tataricae
Ling Yang Jiao

Periostracum Cicadae
Chan Tui
Fr. Gardeniae
Zhi Zi
Flos Chrysanthemi
Ju Hua

Liver Yang Rising with dizziness, vertigo, palpitations and insomnia

Febrile convulsions in children

Blazing Liver Fire affecting the eyes

Hu Po

Concha Haliotidis
Jue Ming Zi

Zhen Zhu

Concha Margaritaferae Usta
Zhen Zhu Mu
Rz. Coptidis
Huang Lian
Cornu Cervi Pantotrichum
Ling Yang Jiao

Flos Chrysanthemi
Ju Hua
Fol. Mori
Sang Ye
Ram. cum Uncis Uncariae
Gou Teng

Red, swollen, painful eyes with superficial visual obstruction

For poxes in children entering the eyes

Palpitations, irritability, insomnia, dream-disturbed sleep or infantile convulsions due to high fever

Wind and Heat in the Liver channel manifested as red, swollen and painful eyes or visual obstructions

Hyperactivity of Liver Yang manifested as dizziness, vertigo and headache

  1. The drug is collected in summer, removed from muscles, washed clean, and dried in the sun.
  2. Crush before decocting.
  3. This herb treats superficial obstruction due to Toxic Heat, spots and rashes in children threatening the eyes and night terrors preventing sleep.
  4. The white parts are said to enter the Qi level and the purple parts enter the Blood level.
  5. It facilitates and unblocks water channels, drives out toxins and descends blood.
  6. This herb is used to resolve and eliminate all urinary blockage, edema, leg Qi, macular rashes and superficial visual obstruction in children and toxins.
  7. It dissolves hardness.
  8. It is used as drops for superficial visual obstruction.
  9. Both Zi Bei Chi and Fossilia Dentis Mastodi Long Chi enter the Liver channel, calm the Liver, anchor Yang and sedate fright, Zi Bei Chi is neutral, is better at anchoring Yang and brightens the eyes, while Long Chi is heavier and more astringent and better at sedating and quieting and is able to stabilize and bind.
  10. Calcined Cowry Shell Duan Zi Bei Chi is processed and used as eye drops.
  11. It is also known as Bei Ci or Zi Bei.