Pharmaceutical Latin: Limonitum
Common English: Limonite
Clay Ironstone
Herbs that Stabilize and Bind (Astringents)
Taste Temperature Entering Meridians Dosage
Large Intestine
Actions Indications/Syndromes

Astringes the Intestines and stops diarrhea

Chronic diarrhea or dysentery disorders

Instability of the Lower Jiao with diarrhea to the point of incontinence

Spleen and Kidney Yang Deficiencies diarrhea especially in the elderly

Restrains leakage of Body Fluids and inhibits and stops bleeding

Incessant vaginal discharge

Unrelenting uterine bleeding

  • Contraindicated in patterns of Excess.
  • Contraindicated for those with marrow Deficiency.
  • Contraindicated for those with Blood Dryness
  • Use caution during pregnancy.
  • Separate the ingestion of drugs and this herb by at least two hours to prevent this herb from binding with them and creating an insoluble, indigestible mass.

Halloysitum Rubrum
Chi Shi Zhi

Fr. Psoraliae
Bu Gu Zhi
Rz. Atractylodes Macrocephalae
Bai Zhu
(Rx. Glycyrrhizae)
(Gan Cao)

Rz. Zingiberis
Gan Jiang

Chronic diarrhea, dysenteric disorders or incontinence with Large Intestine Qi Deficiency.

Incessant uterine bleeding without clotting.

Chronic diarrhea due to Spleen Deficiency or in the elderly.

Incessant vaginal discharge.

Rz. Zingiberis
Gan Jiang

Per. Zanthoxyli
Chuan Jiao
Fr. Cnidii
She Chuang Zi

Endoconcha Sepiae
Hai Piao Xiao
Terra Flava Usta
Zao Xin Tu
Concha Ostreae
Mu Li

Ram. Cinnamomi
Gui Zhi
Rz. Zingiberis
Gan Jiang
Rz. Atractylodes Macrocephalae
Bai Zhu

Lower Jiao Yang Deficiency with profuse clear discharge and a sense of Cold in the perineum.

Unrelenting uterine bleeding.

Diarrhea due to Deficiency of the Middle Jiao.

Halloysitum Rubrum
Chi Shi Zhi

Charred Rz. Drynariae
Guan Zhong
Charred Receptaculum Nelumbinis
Lian Fang

Per. Zanthoxyli
Chuan Jiao
Fr. Cnidii
She Chuang Zi


Profuse menstrual bleeding.

Profuse leukorrhea with a feeling of Dampness and Cold in the genital region due to Yang Deficiency.


  1. This herb is usually used for long-term incessant diarrhea possibly leading to prolapse, Blood in the stool, bleeding dysenteric disorders and incessant uterine bleeding or vaginal discharge.
  2. This herb also anchors and secures to calm the Spirit.
  3. This herb has historically been used to treat accidental ingestion of poisonous substances. It binds with the poison creating an insoluble, indigestible mass which is then eliminated through the stool.
  4. Yu Yu Liang, Per. Papaveris Ying Su Ke and Halloysitum Rubrum Chi Shi Zhi all bind the Intestines, stop diarrhea and stabilize to stop incessant uterine bleeding and are often combined to enhance these actions. Yu Yu Liang is heavier than Chi Shi Zhi, and astringes the lower Jiao, without tonifying or augmenting the Stomach, while Chi Shi Zhi being sweet and warm, augments the Qi, generates flesh, and adjusts the Middle. It is more appropriate for sores that fail to heal due to Qi Deficiency, and diarrhea or uterine bleeding disorders due to inability to securely store. Ying Su Ke is light in weight and slightly cold. It enters the Qi level and preserves the Lungs.
  5. Calcined Limonite Duan Yu Yu Liang is better able to astringe.